Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ribbon: The Art of Adornment: featured.

Romantic Homes magazine is featuring my book, Ribbon: the Art of Adornment, in their March issue, on news stands now--Check it out--


Kooza comes from the Sanskrit word "koza" which means box of treasure, and this title for the new show by the Cirque Du Soleil is perfect--it is a treasure--I recently attended a Sunday performance with my friend Jeffrey R.--I've wanted to check out those whimsically stiped tents since they first set them up--When we entered the great central tent, the space seemed intimate despite the size, the air teeming with excitement and expectation--the performance that unfolded before us was tremendous--it started with the simple act of a child flying a kite--he receives a package, a large box, and when he opens it, the fun begins--from there events led one to another, treating us to wonderfully inventive, funny, and amazing displays of circus theatre--I loved the two girls who silently emerged on a platform, bodies entangled like some sparkling, rather hard-to-define sculpture--they then came apart to reveal their gold-clad bodies and proceeded to contort thermselves in ways I couldn't imagine possible--The tight-rope walkers were spectacular, especially when they got out the bikes--The two gorgeously muscular guys on the large spinning wheel aperatus were stellar--There was a cool Asian guy with what appeared to be tattoos covering his legs who proceeded to stack chairs incredibly high and balance on them--he was amazingly graceful--The costumes were gorgeous, especially the Vegas-showgirl-style costumes with the ostrich and pheasant plumes, and the costume that the "genie" wore with the sparkling skull mask and black and white embroidered suit--It was a magical afternoon--I encourage everyone to go see Kooza before it leaves--